Steve Penny is a minister with a passion to see the church flourish around the world.

He planted his first church in his early thirties and has not stopped planting and growing churches ever since. God gave Steve a promise from Song Of Solomon 4:4 that 1000 shields of mighty leaders would hang from his neck of authority and leadership. Up until the end of 2009 Steve & Marion were the Senior Pastors of a key church on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.

Since then Steve and Marion have been committed to helping churches know God’s plan for their territory, their team, and their time and Steve has travelled to many churches where his faith and wisdom always left a deposit in the hearts of people and many people responded by saying yes to Jesus in his meetings.

In 2018 Steve received a word from God – Prepare for a God shift

His new God Shift season has brought about a change in his ministry focus.

In 2019 Steve received a word from God – God’s Gathering has begun

As Steve Says, “I must now gather willing people together and equip them to live prophetically in these important days. The internet has given me the tools to connect and equip people across the globe.”

As a part of that gathering, Steve is so excited to be able to impart his knowledge to those that have a like Spirit.  Please consider coming with Steve on his journey of 1000 Shields. You would be joining hands with one of God’s seasoned leaders who will continue to take the uncompromising word of God to His people worldwide.  Together we are one – we are strong.

Steve is also the author of a number of books, and has produced other resources available through the online resource centre.

Steve and Marion have three children. However, their strength and faith were challenged when their eldest son Andrew battled cancer for seven months and then in September 2003 died at the age of 27. The book, ”Where’s the Miracle”, is the result of their journey and has been a blessing to thousands of people needing to find hope again.

The free iPhone app now available means that people can stay connected with all Steve Penny’s ministry expressions.



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