Balancing Life

Life is an amazing journey of discovery.
To fully enjoy the journey of life one must continually set out to discover, experience and master new things.
To settle down and allow life to become routine and boring is to miss the primary purpose of God’s creation. He said His mercy is new and fresh every morning. God intended us to live with a new day attitude. We are meant to begin afresh with every new day. Nothing should just be more of the same. Every part of life can be viewed as a new adventure with fresh challenges, opportunities and friendships. To lose your vitality and freshness is to become old before your time.
A simple way to keep yourself young and alive is to put everything into three categories.
Desire – Discipline – Delight
Make sure you still have plenty of dreams and desires. Without them you are dead already.
Then identify what disciplines you need to apply to turn your desires into reality.
Then finally put a time on your actions and set goals for you to delight in achieving them.
Then learn to celebrate your achievements as delights etc.
Life without these three things in balance won’t be successful. You must have strong desires – you must apply some disciplines – and you must celebrate your victories.
Too much of any one and your life will be out of balance. Get it right and you will enjoy an ongoing journey full of challenges to overcome and victories to celebrate.

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