‘But let each one examine his own work, and then he will have rejoicing in himself

alone, and not in another. For each one shall bear his own load.’ Galatians 6:4


The Bible is filled with eternal wisdom that leads to a life of blessing.

Here are three little keys to taking responsibility for the world you are building:



This is such a key to fruitfulness.

Ask yourself four questions:

A. Why am I doing this?

B. Is it working?

C. Who is it helping?

D. How does it build my future?



If you can’t rejoice and be thankful every morning when you get up to go to work, you haven’t examined yourself and found answers to your questions.

Stop being a victim! Start being thankful.

Show you can be joyful in you alone – without stimulants and additives.

Joy comes from the inside and is seen on the outside as rejoicing.



Take responsibility for your own life.

There are four dimensions to life:

A. My portion

B. My inheritance

C. My lot

D. My cup

What ever portion you now have, see it as your inheritance, thank God for it as your lot, and continue to believe to see your cup overflowing.


It is your life – so carry your own harvest.

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2 Responses to “BEAR YOUR OWN LOAD”

  1. Eric Volker on

    Hey Steve
    Back in the beginnings of the Toronto blessing and at the Sutherland church you were pastoring
    My wife and I visited with you and you had a rather lengthy and inspiring word for us
    I have just “retired” from the paid ministry and we have just moved into our very first home. A precious gift. Debt free. One specific word from God in your prophetic discourse was that we would have a home of our own a gift from God. We have always lived in rented houses so this is a wonderful new world discovering home ownership and retirement all at the one time. God bless you brother. God is superb!


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