Having been in the ministry of the church for over 40 years, I have had time to observe many leaders both in their public and private lives.

Being a flawed person, I am not in any way criticising anyone. However, I do believe there are some basic social behaviours that are becoming of a Christian in any arena of life:

1. RESPECT for people from all walks of life.

The way a leader treats his servants, waiters, etc. reveals a lot about the person.


2. REAL life attitudes in real life situations.

Being honest and upfront means more to people than hiding behind a scripted positional statement or action.


3. RECEPTIVE to the views of others.

Leaders are not the fount of all wisdom and knowledge. Sometimes a question is the best form of conversation.


4. RENDER what is due to others.

People of all walks of life are engaged in a leader’s vision. They all deserve honour and acknowledgement before their peers.


5. REPEAT yourself often, so that those who are pressing in to your world can catch the spirit of what you are saying.

Never say, “I told you once.” Repetition is the grace of leadership.


6. REVERSE other people’s negativity.

Never react to the negative views and actions of others. Make it your mission to help people change for the good.


7. REVEAL JESUS in all you say and do.

If you are to be misunderstood, let it be for your love of Jesus and His cause.

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  1. Pete Beasley on

    Thanks Ps Steve….great points…I’m just preparing a word called developing leadership potential…so enjoyed this piece & the timing of it, as I’m right in this head space at the moment…Every Blessing !


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