Sitting in a lounge chair in a Starbucks in Chicago, I am fascinated by the constant stream of people getting their morning hit of caffeine on their way to work.

The line is constantly ten deep and never looks like reducing.

I notice such a diversity of people with no discernible demographic standing out: old and young, rich and poor, male and female, all gathering for their morning infusion of the 21st century nectar of the gods.

Like any phenomenon, there are factors creating this modern trend:


There is no doubt that the caffeine in a double shot coffee gives a person a lift. Forget the downside later, we love the lift. We feel the hit as the caffeine begins to course through our veins.


There is something reassuring about driving to work with a warm friend. Your morning coffee has become more than a dietary requirement; that double shot, extra hot flat white waits eagerly for you each morning like a friend who nourishes your soul.


That piping hot coffee has a way of predicting that it is going to be a good day. Worries melt away with every sip, and troubles are relegated to another day as this warm and fuzzy feeling engulfs our being.


It feels good to mix with people of a similar spirit. We are all gathering in unity for this one purpose: to taste and see that the bean is good. Idle chatter develops into regular connections and still further into meaningful conversations and new friendships.

O how good and how pleasant it is to gather for coffee communion every morning!

I can’t help thinking that it sounds a lot like morning devotions with a few close friends.

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