Some time ago Marion and I had the privilege of visiting Israel. I was fascinated with the Holy Land as place after place gave new meaning to the scriptures I have read since a child.

One of the most fascinating scenes was the valley in which David fought the Philistine giant – Goliath. It was so interesting to see the size of the valley and the distance David had to run to actually engage the giant in battle.

Contrast this to earlier that day when David arrived at the battle scene, only to watch his brothers and Sauls’s army flee from the fight whenever Goliath roared in defiance.

I have been very challenged of late in regard to giving in – on the witness front.

I can identify with David’s brothers who had been in the battle fray for some time. They knew the strength of opposition and the defiant nature of the brutal giant opposing them.

In other words they had been intimidated by their enemy.

David arrives and suggests that God can break through and give them a huge victory. When challenged he responds with the classic line, ” Is there not a cause worth fighting for?”

I suggest that the witness line must be crossed in absolute boldness – with a do or die attitude – to see great results.

To back away every time someone says they are not interested in religious matters, is to run from the battle at the first sound of defiance.

David was not concerned about protecting his reputation or his standing in the community. He knew that the armies of God were being challenged and that this position had to be reversed.

Sometimes when the situation regarding your witness seems to be going against you – it is time to raise the stakes and cross the line and go on all out attack.

In the book I read – God wins, and so I suggest we raise the stakes and start to run toward some of these arrogant opposers who so easily belittle our Christian faith.

Not in an angry or violent physical manner but with the most lethal of all spiritual weapons – the love of God.

There is no force created that can withstand the power of God’s love. Go for it. Invade someone’s space with unqualified love and watch them melt before the presence of God.

Talk to them with genuine God kind of love – and it will stop them in their tracks – like a stone to the forehead.

However in order to get close enough to unleash God’s love, you must boldly cross the witness line to engage those still lost on the battlefront of life.

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  1. Peter Johnson on

    Thought this was great! I suggest that when people say that they are not interested in ‘religion’ we agree with them . . . religion is a negative connotation for most Aussie guys and quite a few females to I suspect. Perhaps we can then say I am interested in hearing what you believe will happen to you when death comes; and through Spirit-led discernment endeavour to share relevant anecdotes about our own journey towards God. If we speak from our own personal experience either they must believe us or call us a liar. On this vein, we can always ask, “What one of the three ‘L’s do you think Jesus was – A lunatic, liar or the Lord (using explanation that Lord can mean Ruler) . . . I have found that it can often lead to meaningful sharing both by others and ourselves so that eventually we walk a common walk with Him! . . . . Keep smiling, praying, singing, praching, dancing, enjoying life with the King!


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