Exits and entries

There is always divided opinion on the importance of both exits and entries. Some wax eloquent that exits are the greatest judge of a person, whereas others put more focus on the way a person begins a new project, relationship or season.
The Bible clearly shows where God puts His emphasis.
God told the people of Israel to record their journey to the promised land according to their beginnings. Tiherefore the account of their journeying is recorded after each new destination they planned.
You see – endings should take care of themselves. If you start the day well it will continue well.
If you start a new relationship on the right foundations then it will continue well.
If you begin a journey with the right attitude it will go well for you.
Endings are important – but they should take care of themselves if they are viewed as the open doors to a new beginning.
It is only when an ending has inherent within it a sense of loss that people struggle to accept it and then handle it badly.
However handling new beginnings well is of even greater importance as it lays a foundation for the next season of your life which in turn is shaping the future endings you will experience. Always begin with the end in mind.
Here are my recommendations for beginning a new season or project etc.
1. Accept it as God’s doing and therefore a gift from above.
2. Begin humbly – new seasons always make you look good.
3. Don’t despise the previous season – somebody worked hard to get to this point.
4. Dont take on something with a prejudice plan- wait to spy out the land first.
5. Love the excitement of new beginnings and draw strengh from the adrenalin rush it provides.
6. Don’t sell off what previous pioneers have given their lives to possess.
7. Do begin with awesome faith and joy as God is allowing you an opportunity to step up to a new level of grace and favour.
I am personally starting a new season in 2010 and am looking to God for it to be my most fruitful ever.
I am also very mindful that the way I start this new season will have a lot to do with how I finish it.
I want to start with the end in mind.

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