I am sitting in a very congested lounge in Sydney airport with long delays on all flights due to a thick morning fog blanketing the city.

As usual, there is an air of resignation being displayed by the majority of the throng, but there are also some individuals who remonstrate and make a scene over the fact that their schedule has been disrupted and their future completely destroyed.

One such rather large woman has decided to express her venom on all and sundry, and woe betide anyone who dares approach the food bar during her uncontrolled rant and raid on every food specimen available.

She is making a scene based entirely on matters beyond her control.

Hey! Remember the following when you think the whole world is against you:


We live in a broken world where imperfection and dysfunction abound.

It is the imperfect THINGS in life that shape us and make us who we are in the real world.

The last thing we want from you is a “poor me” rant on social media.


To be honest, tomorrow will still come and you will adjust your life to the slight delay of your schedule.

Don’t let an imposition make you impotent. Keep your joy and you will keep your strength.

Don’t make a big deal out of a little moment.


There are plenty of other people also being affected by the “THINGS HAPPEN” moment you are enduring. Look around and notice that others are not dummy spitting the way you are.


Make sure you keep the storm on the outside and stay chilled on the inside.

I am amazed at some of the leaders I know who are grumpy and nasty travellers.

If the storm gets in you, it’s got you.


When the pressure is on, practise smiling. It really messes with the people around you suffering the same little blip.

It also messes with the devil: When you smile, you are declaring that you are in control of your inner world.

It also brings favour: The next available seat never goes to the ranter, but to the smiler.

Train yourself to respond rather than react. A good response to a temporary imposition strengthens you for greater future challenges.

Your ability to handle stress is the clearest indicator of the size of your world.

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