I am constantly amazed at people who live life cautiously and with a calculated and stingy attitude toward all they do.
I believe the Bible shows us that “Life in Christ” is to be lived as an abundant overflowing expression of the fulness of heaven.
Let me share some thoughts on generosity.
1. Generosity is the outward proof of the inner – increasing kingdom of God.
2. Generosity is present before a need is presented.
3. Generosity is expressed in a culture of excellence.
4. Generosity always finds a way to go above and beyond.
5. Generosity is never linked to available resource – but to honorable intentions.
6. Generosity practices “giveness” in good times so it can show “forgiveness” in bad times.
7. Generosity is the result of putting others first.
8. Generosity is the Good News of God’s great love toward all mankind.
9. Generosity looks for ways to be generous even when no need is present.
10. Generosity walks through life leaving random deposits of grace for others to glean, without requirement or restriction.

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