A few weeks ago I injured my elbow and have had constant pain since then. Pain is an insidious enemy that works constantly to spoil our quality of life.

I have great empathy for people who live with constant pain as it seriously reduces one’s quality of life.

There are various remedies for physical pain – all offering some level of relief for some period of time.

However I believe the greatest imposition to our quality of life is the emotional pain we carry on the inside.

Every person has been hurt emotionally in some way at some time.

To ignore these hurts and the pain that they produce is to court disaster later in life.

Pain in any form is an indicator of an injury or malfunction.

Emotional pain tells us that we have been hurt on the inside and need help to get back to wholeness.

Never ignore emotional pain. If left unattended it will produce layers of denial and deceit, in an attempt to protect from further hurt and pain.

These layers of deceit, tell us that it was no big deal and that we will just get on with life. Unfortunately the pain continues and then begins to manifest itself as anger in one form or another.

ANGER – is the fruit of painful hurts from the past. They have been buried and so they start to produce their fruit.

Anger manifests itself in three ways.


People who have inner anger try to cover it over with self indulgence. Shopaholics, overeaters, alcohol consumption, compulsive exaggeration or bad language, or obsessive behaviour in any form is often an indication of hidden anger. We have been hurt by others, so we try to spoil ourselves to make up for it.


When self indulgence doesn’t take the pain away then people actually turn to self hate. We believe it is all our fault for not being able to be free from the hurts of life, and so we start to think even more poorly of ourselves, and with such an attitude comes poor behaviour as well.


Sadly hurt people feel a need to hurt other people. As this behaviour escalates so does the self loathing and poor self image, which then reinforces these damaging trends.

People who have been hurt by others consistently hurt other people until finally they feel that they are worthless and so they find ways to hurt themselves.

It all comes back to carrying pain on the inside.

Here are my suggestions to overcoming inner pain.

1. Find a friend, counsellor or mentor who you can trust.

2. Identify the cause of your pain. Make sure it is something you remember and not some event suggested by others.

3. Confess your pain to God and ask Him to release you from it.

4. Now start to be thankful for a new beginning – free from the pains of your past.

5. Renew your mind with God’s promises and your soul with His joy.

6. Plan to be happy in life from now on. Happiness is a choice.

7. Never again rehearse the pains of your past.

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