I am blessed of God to travel the globe carrying the gospel of Jesus.

In my travels I have the privilege of hanging out with leaders from all backgrounds and expressions of ministry.

I have to be honest and say that I have never been so impressed by the spirituality and smarts of the people who are on the forefront of christian endeavour in this generation.

Let me share what I think makes these people impressive:

1. THEY ARE ENGAGING: They know how to connect with whomever they are with.

2. THEY ARE LIVELY: They have some life about them and love to enjoy the moment.

3. THEY ARE FUTURE FOCUSSED: They live by the mantra, ‘the best is yet to come’.

4. THEY ARE FAMILY FOCUSSED: They are committed to bringing their family and friends with them on their leadership journey.

5. THEY ARE INCLUSIVE: They endeavour to include others into their circle of influence and friendship.

6. THEY ARE GENEROUS: They always look to celebrate life with a feast and a gift.

7. THEY ARE CAUSE FOCUSSED: They have the ability to live multifaceted lives and yet keep Christ at the centre of it all.

THANKS to all the impressive people who add something to my life every time I am with you.

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