There is something unique about people who live on Islands.

However there is something even more unusual about people who develop Island fever.

Island fever is the attitude that people adopt when their little piece of life becomes everything to them.

Here are some of the things I have noticed about people suffering from Island fever.

a. ISOLATION – People with Island fever tend to isolate themselves from the general flow of life among the masses. Their whole perspective is limited to who they are and what they do.

b. SUSPICION – Island people are always suspicious of others from outside. They live in a small world and can’t ever quite embrace people from the mainland.

c. EXCUSES – Island fever people are always making excuses that their lot in life is different to the mainstream. “You don’t understand” – is used a lot by Island Fever sufferers.

d. COME ON OVER – Everything is about them and their Island. They actually have a high visitor rate in their life – but a low friendship retention rate. It is just too hard getting onto their little Island.

e. THE PARTY LIFE – Island life is often called the Party Life because it attracts the tourist who is there for a good time. The mundane things like routine and commitment just don’t seem to wash with Island Fever.

f. NO MAN IS AN ISLAND – Make up your mind that you need other people to go with you on the journey of life. Commit to them through thick and thin. Get rid of the short term tourist approach to life. Keep yourself in the mainstream of life and stay grounded no matter how high you fly.

Islands are great to visit and to have that well earned break, and even to party and celebrate for a while. Just don’t make the mistake of setting up your life to live permanently on Fantasy Island.

Steve Penny

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