What does keeping it real look like to you?

In a world of layers and filters, it is hard to know what real life looks like. Everything is airbrushed to present in the best possible way.

It is refreshing to meet a leader who lives the same off the platform as they do when performing on it.

My simple rules for keeping it real are as follows:

1. Have an honest view of your strengths and weaknesses. Build on your strengths and cover your weaknesses with God’s grace.

2. Be honest with God and bring your flaws and failures to him. He knows everything, so bring it to him for help.

3. Be honest about what is working in your life and deal with what doesn’t work. If it doesn’t produce fruit, dig it up from the root.

4. Honestly evaluate all relationships into three categories: a. build up; b. bearable; c. breakdown. Make sure you have plenty of relationships that build you up, and be honest about the rest.

5. Be honest about offences, and say sorry often. Keeping it real is all about walking in forgiveness and being forgiven.

6. Be honest about your joy factor. Get a laugh meter and see how much joy and fun is in your life. Remember, no laugh = no life.

7. Be honest about generosity. If your are tight, admit it and seek to change. A generous person looks for ways to bless others in everything.

There is no person more wretched than the one who deceives themselves. Keeping it real is all about being honest and open in all things.

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