Lets do it again

Election morning in Australia is upon us and we wake to the news of a hung Parliament. Which ever party gains power it will effectively be held hostage to five independent minds. All after their particular beef or bent.
One green – one other independent and three ex LNP dissidents.
Wow are we in for exciting times
Some things to watch for;
A. Listen for the rattle of swords as Labour again search for a unique Saviour.
B. Watch both parties promise the independents the world to give them a majority.
C. Watch the greens be given recognition beyond the credence of their policies and presence.
D. Watch Melbourne continue to be Australia’s most confused city.
Represented by a Green yet built upon some of the biggest corporations and oldest money in our nation.
E. Watch Canberra become even more irrelevant to the real needs of ordinary Australians as we lurch from one irrational independent demand to the next.
F. And worst of all watch the church continue to be silent and refuse to back genuine candidates who give their all to be a moral voice in the black void of Government.
Our nation is devoid of strong moral leadership because the church continues to believe it’s voice belongs only inside the walls of the church.
The slave trade was overthrown in the parliament of England because a Godly man became a public voice against injustice.
The same is true across the nations and across history.
After an insipid election campaign – I am getting stirred – it is time for action.
Maybe we should do it again and this time the great silent majority – still in Oz – should stand up and care and be counted.

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