Morning Walks

Have just arrived at Mooloolaba on my morning walk. Now sitting watching the wind tossed sea argue over the lines that have been set for its waves to lose their power and settle gently along the sea shore.
People are walking along the beachfront oblivious to the awesome power lying in the depths of the ocean at their feet.
The reality is that God has set lines or boundaries for all of creation so that there is order and structure in all He does. These lines and boundaries are for our protection and blessing and it is only when something goes horribly wrong that we see these lines being broken and devastation being inflicted.
The same is true within the human soul.
God has set boundaries and rules for our protection and blessing. It is only when we break these rules and cross these boundaries that devastation and disappointment occur.
It is heartbreaking to watch people consistently cross these lines and break these rules and reap the devastation that sin yields.
Some hints on living with boundaries
1. Thank God for His love in setting default lines of behavior within every human being.
2. Choose to find out what God’s rules and lines are for your life. Ignorance is no excuse.
3. Decide to set your own lines for your life. Make sure they line up with God’s rules. The ones you set are the ones you will keep.
4. Declare that the lines of your life are set in beautiful places so enjoy living in their protection and blessing.
5. Boundaries are a blessing – as they help you focus on what you should be in life.

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