Having recently flown from South Africa to the UK, I have noticed a big difference in service between the two nations.

In South Africa, the response to your thank you for service rendered is always, “My pleasure Sir” followed by an expectant pause waiting for a tip.

In England, the response is usually, “No problem” followed by an apology of sorts for poor service rendered.

In life these two responses are found everywhere. The response of the team defines the culture of an organisation, and the training of its people.

To respond with “no problem” infers that the customer is imposing upon you but you have chosen not to let them become a problem.

To respond with “my pleasure” infers the following:

1. I love my job

2. I am pleased to see you

3. I keep my disposition positive

4. You made my day

5. I love people

6. God is good

7. What else can I do for you?


The rules of engagement are simple:

1. Look at the person

2. Smile before speaking

3. Ask “How are you?” before “What do you want?”

4. Thank the person for choosing your place

5. Add a bonus of some sort

6. Send them away with a blessing like, “Have a good day.”

7. Go home and practice being nice in front of your mirror – scary!!

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