Have you noticed how negativity can ruin a persons life.

I call negativity the cancer of the human soul.

It is the worst and most destructive epidemic on the face of the earth.

How could any person allow themselves to become the victim of negativity to such a degree that they act destructively towards themselves or others.

It doesn’t make sense why anyone would deliberately act in a destructive manner.

Usually it is because the fruit of negativity produces something in people’s lives that ultimately becomes more powerful than they are.

The truth is that when negativity and it’s bi-products gets a hold of a person’s life, it produces a downward cycle that eventually devalues them and leaves them feeling worthless and incapable of positive change.

I have had to counsel many people who have been caught in the cave of depression, which is the hiding place of negativity, and it is very hard to get such a person to believe that they can engage in positive change for the better.

Let me give you a few helpful hints to overcoming negativity.

A. Start every new morning with a thankful attitude.

Thank everyone you meet for anything, until you start to feel thankful

Most of our negativity comes from what we are unthankful about.

The Bible says, In everything give thanks.

B. Choose one thing you want to do and act on it. Get up and get started.

Actions always change attitudes. Do not sit and stew on your problems.

One little achievement starts a process toward greater achievements.

C. Spend time with positive people who can put up with you and your negativity.

Ask them questions and find anything at all to laugh about.

Stay away from negative people who are always critical of others.

D. Stop blaming other people, events etc.

You can choose to be positive or negative about anything in life.

E. Never give up on your dreams. Dreams will drag you out of the worst slump in life if you will just continue to believe.

I believe God has created you for a purpose and you must choose to deal with negativity until you find your outlook on life becomes positive and proactive.

Steve Penny

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