I am an early riser and love to walk to our little local coffee shop and have devotions overlooking the bay. I have to wait until 6:30am before they will make me a coffee, as they don’t open until 7am.

It is so peaceful until around 7am, when the owner of the property decides to start up his blower to get rid of a few wayward leaves.

With an industrious surge of activity he sweeps all before him, pushing the blower between our legs and under our tables in search of the one small elusive leaf.

In just one moment of madness, my serene setting for devotions is plunged into chaos and filled with righteous anger.

My thoughts just a moment ago were toward my loving Heavenly Father, full of grace and truth. And now, a moment later, my thoughts are toward this buffoon – and full of anger and folly.

Much of our journey in life is through “Paradise Lost” and it behoves us to keep our inner sanctuary a haven for the presence of God.

I decided to get my coffee and leave the coffee tables and go down to the shelter on the waters edge. I realised that it is even more beautiful and serene by the water, and that which had angered me so deeply became the redirection of my steps to a better place.

All I had to do was keep my God place – a Paradise on the inside – and adjust my steps on the outside.

This place is truly like Paradise.

I can still hear the buffoon’s blower humming away in the distance, but now it sounds like a swarm of bees happily feeding on the beauty of God’s creation.

And to think I wanted to kill the guy.

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