Passivity of Pessimism

Pessimism is one of the great immobilizers in life.
Pessimism has four negative mantras.
1. It won’t work
2. It can’t happen
3. It isn’t right
4. It’s not for me
Pessimism is not an accident or a circumstance, but an attitude developed over a period of time.
It is one of the slippery steps into depression.
Pessimism can only be overcome by bringing hope to the human soul.
Pessimistic people are almost always people who have no input which generates hope.
Three keys to protect you from the pessimism virus.
A. Guard what you watch
B. Protect what you hear
C. Choose who you know
Pessimism is one of the expressions of the spirit of fear – and is therefore not from God.
The only way to overcome pessimism is to fill you heart soul mind with the promises of God. He is the God of Hope and can fill your heart with all joy and hope through believing in Him and His word.
Take one promise from God today and fill your world with it – and watch you change. It is more important that you change – than your world – because when you change – everything changes.

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