Donald Trump is now President elect of the great nation of America.

The church never votes for a person, but for a platform of policies.

Our question is always: What platform best enables the church to fulfil its mission?

Isaiah 43 says, “Behold I will do a new thing.”

In this account in Isaiah, God is promising a season of blessing and favour for His people.

God then miraculously used the ungodly King Cyrus to release the people of God from captivity to:

1. RETURN to their Godly roots;

2. REBUILD the House of God;

3. RESTORE their nation.

PERHAPS God is giving the church time to rise up and fulfil its mission.

The mission is never a better lifestyle, but always a greater harvest of souls.

Trump is not under scrutiny, the church is!

Stop looking for a saviour and start living for the Saviour.

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