Pressure comes into our lives in a number of ways.
A. The pressure of circumstances
These pressure come and go throughout life and can be very disruptive and challenging. My response to circumstantial pressure is the famous quote, “this too will pass”.
B. Seasonal pressure.
In life there are various seasons that come and go like clockwork. It is important to know what each season does to you. Some people handle summer better than winter etc.
C. Life cycle pressure
Over time it is possible to measure the cycles of your life. Some people need breaks every six months. Some people change vocation or location every five years etc. Some people need to buy a new car every two years. Some people get depressed annually. These cycles bring pressure into our lives and if not identified cause us to react unwittingly and make unwise decisions.
These life cycles are very important as they have developed over time and must be addressed.
D. Relational conflict pressure
The pressure of relational conflict is one of the most extreme forms of pressure. The closer the person is to you the stronger the pressure.
Forgiveness is the only way to remedy relational conflict. If you cover it over it will become a root of bitterness that defiles you and hurts others.
You must deal with this kind of pressure because it goes deep into your soul. If allowed to reside in your soul it will produce all kinds of physical illness as well.
E. Reaping harvests pressure
There is pressure that builds over time from continual wrong decisions or habits. Bad behaviour produces it’s own harvest of pressure that cannot be avoided until the behaviour or attitude is confessed and then changed.
F. Inner flaw pressure
We all have areas of weakness that cause us to lack confidence in certain situations.
However if the areas of weakness are fed or allowed to grow they actually become areas of negative strength. These negative strengths then outweigh your positive strengths and therefore start to control your life in an adverse manner thus creating huge pressure. You need help to identify your blind spots and have people help you to see ways to overcome them and reduce pressure.
G. Leadership pressure
There is no pressure like leadership pressure. Especially moral and spiritual leadership. That is why there is such a vacuum of great spiritual leaders.
I am amazed at novices who profess to understand leadership pressure and I am also amazed to watch great leaders as they handle such pressure so well.
Pressure is important in our lives as long as we allow it to adjust us and change our lives for the better.
To overcome all kinds of pressure.
Stay thankful.
Keep good relationships
Do life with friends
Keep a generous spirit
Keep clean on the inside.
Learn to take the lid off.

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