Today is the sixth anniversary of the death of our son Andrew.

Six years have passed so quickly and life goes on as usual. However there is still a huge hole in our lives and so often at the most random times our loss will be felt in such real ways.

Nothing can change the sad things that do happen in our lives except the attitude we have in remembering them.

Marion and I made up our minds that we would put some things in place so that our future was not held prisoner to our past.

We decided to remember well. – To focus on all the wonderful memories over the many years of Andrew’s life and not remember the short period of sadness leading to his death.

We decided to look forward – Our lives did not stop and our future is still to be played out. We can act out our future with sorrow and mourning, or we can act out our future with joy and dancing.

We decided to love the living – The rest of our family needed to be important to us and to feature in our future. Write a list of the people you want to feature in your future – and you will know what is important to you.

We decided on a no shrines policy – Having seen the emotional carnage that regular visits to shrines do to people, we decided that we would not become prisoners to a shrine of remembrance.

We decided to let healing happen – our worth and value is not in being the victims of an untimely death. We wanted to be valued as whole people whose worth was in our future – not lost in our past.

We decided to support others – who have experienced loss and to help them move forward in life and to possess their future.

We decided to live by faith – and to believe God for even greater miracles for the future.

We decided to let God be God – and to get on with living the best life possible for Him.

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