Run the Race

I am sitting at Mooloolaba watching the workmen prepare the course for the Triathalon this weekend.
People of all shapes and sizes have descended upon Mooloolaba for what has become a very important event in our annual competition calendar.
Because competing in such a race is a lot like our journey though life – I want to share a few thoughts on Running to win.
1. Visualize the course – Make sure you know the course. Where are the best vantage points to watch the race.
Where are the cafes – toilets etc.
2. Know your limits – Know how long you can last before you need another Latte – and how far you can stray from the coffee shops.
3. Always have a partner – Make sure you have a partner who can carry the supplies – or go collect the coffees.
4. Endure the pain – make up your mind – there will be hours of sheer boredom – standing in the heat – waiting for someone you know at the back of the field to stumble past.
5. Look for the finishing line – and stay away – as the crowds are just too thick and noisy. Find a quiet spot away from the crowds where you can just hear the faint whoosh of cyclists peddling past at a frenetic pace.
6. Prepare well for the event – I have decided to go to New Zealand when the event is on – as the place becomes a cauldron of hot sweaty bodies – swarming all over the place – like ants on a sticky lolly paper.
Ahh New Zealand – what great adventures await me there.

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