FAITH – Comes from Heaven;

FEAR – Comes from Hell.


FAITH – Rests in revelation;

FEAR – Rests in reason.


FAITH – Declares the promises;

FEAR – Describes the problems.


FAITH – Seeks to take action;

FEAR – Seeks to find answers.


FAITH – Confesses ability: I am – I can – I will;

FEAR – Confesses helplessness: I am not – I can not – I won’t.


FAITH – Magnifies the promise and minimises the problem;

FEAR – Magnifies the problem and minimises the promise.


FAITH – Keeps on pressing on;

FEAR – Keeps buckling under pressure.


FAITH – Finds the company of righteous believers;

FEAR – Finds reasons for isolation.


FAITH – Looks for a better tomorrow and a bigger world;

FEAR – Looks for protection from present evil and a shrinking world.


FAITH – Chooses to love, accept and forgive others;

FEAR – Demands love, acceptance and forgiveness from others.


FAITH – Has no bounds;

FEAR – Is a shrinking prison.


FAITH – Says, ‘I love you unreservedly’;

FEAR – Asks, ‘Do you love me specifically?’


FAITH – Has one mantra: It is well!

FEAR – Has one mantra: What’s that smell?

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