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Nevertheless, to the degree that we have already attained (a certain mark), let us walk by the same measure, let us be of the same mind. Philippians 3:16. MARK Life is all about achieving new marks or levels of life. Even though we are to rest in the finished work of Christ,…
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We all invest our lives, energies, time and talents into this journey we call life; though sometimes it seems that the time spent and the energy expended is far more than the returns we see. This leads any thinking person to ask the following three questions: 1. AM I IN MY GRACE…
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I am blessed of God to travel the globe carrying the gospel of Jesus. In my travels I have the privilege of hanging out with leaders from all backgrounds and expressions of ministry. I have to be honest and say that I have never been so impressed by the spirituality…
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FAITH… Sees the invisible, Believes the unreasonable, Touches the unreachable, Embraces the impossible, Drives back the irreversible, Breaks open the impregnable, Walks through the impassable, Sows into the unprofitable, Maintains the unsustainable, Possesses the incredible, Displays the unbelievable, Declares the undeniable. FAITH ALWAYS WINS.   This post is part of…
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1. Followers have many thoughts. Leaders identify and focus on specific thoughts.   2. Followers have piles of random thoughts. Leaders gather their thoughts into specific stacks.   3. Followers are troubled by their thoughts. Leaders are tested by their thoughts.   4. Followers fight every opposing thought. Leaders take…
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The Asking Season

I am convinced the Church is entering a new season of grace and favour. The indicators are all present. 1. The prophets are emerging from their caves once again. God does nothing except first he reveals it to His prophets. 2. The storms are gathering across the globe. 3. The…
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Strength from above

Recently one of my friends who is a key leader in the church asked me what he could do to help me in any way. I replied, just stay strong for God – if you stay strong we all do. Since then I have pondered on my response and so…
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LIGHTS,CAMERA ACTION. I was speaking recently to a conference on leadership and urging them to understand the power of taking action. So often in our lives it is the inertia of inactivity that locks us into a spiralling cycle of negative and destructive habits. If only I had acted at…
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