While in the USA recently, I took an Uber ride to a shopping mall to fill in some time.

As soon as I got into the car the driver engaged me in conversation about their upcoming presidential elections. It was clear that we were as divided on our political views as the nation was about their two candidates.

I made one comment about his preferred candidate – something about a slippery eel in a sewer – and for the next twenty minutes he did not stop ranting about the flaws of my preferred candidate.

I decided to not listen and just looked out the window, but it made no difference. His mind was made up and there was no discussion or debate to be had.

On and on the rant continued getting louder and lewder as it progressed.

I finally decided to agree with him about everything, and so he settled down and drove me the rest of the way in peace.

I have learnt not to debate with donkeys.

1. Donkeys are stubborn asses who are hard to reason with and often dig their heels in.

2. Donkeys are cautious animals and easily scared by perceived threats.

3. Donkeys only know one form of wisdom – the wisdom of the rod.

4. Donkeys do not debate or discuss – they just bray on – loud and long.

5. A donkey was chosen by Jesus as his Uber ride when entering Jerusalem.

CONCLUSION: Earn a donkeys trust, and it will stop braying and start serving your cause.

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