One of the most liberating truths found in God’s Word is the clear teaching on being planted by God in life.

When you realise that God has it all worked out and has everything under control, you start to rest in Him and His divine plan for your life.

Consider the following:

1. God plants you in pleasant places. 

No matter what your situation looks like, you can be sure that God has set you down in a pleasant place. It may not be pleasant when you first arrive, but God has put you there so you can make the place pleasant.

God set Ezekiel down in a valley full of dry bones, and asked him the question: ‘Can you make this a pleasant place?’ Ezekiel 37. Your answer to this question defines everything about you.

You have to adopt the attitude of the Psalmist who declared, ‘The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places – Yes I have a good inheritance.’

2. God plants you in places of renown.

Ezek 34: 29. It is in the making of your pleasant place that it becomes a place of renown. The word spreads and soon your territory is known as a ‘high yield place of renown’.

3. God plants you in a safe place.

What God plants, He protects. There is such safety in being planted by God in a local church. The security and confidence that comes from knowing there is a group of people who are watching out for you is something only church can truly provide.

4. God plants you in a wide open place; unrestricted and ever increasing.

God’s kingdom is ever increasing, and by His Spirit within, we are always to be pressing toward a bigger world.

5. God plants you in a gathering place.

Unto Him shall the gathering of the people be. Coming together for the cause of truth, humility and justice is such an inspiring way to live. There is no place in the body of Christ for isolation and rejection.

Get planted by God and make your place a pleasant, high yield place. You are a Garden of Eden franchisee, so get on with the job and turn your world into a garden of delights.

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