An earthquake happens because the plates deep beneath the earth’s surface shift.
So by the time the plates on our table start to shake, rattle and roll – the plates of our foundations have already shifted – resulting in all kinds of surface change.
A God Shift is exactly the same.
When God moves – it firstly brings a change to our foundations.
What we have trusted in – relied upon – worked tirelessly for – and found our delight in – no longer offers the same sense of fulfilment and joy.
God shifts are felt first in the depths of your heart.
You know something is changing – you just don’t know quite what it is.
Don’t wait for the wind in the tree tops – feel the ground move under your feet.
Read the vibrations of your heart and prepare yourself for change.
When God shifts your foundations – there is nothing you can do to stop it.
It will manifest in your seen world – for better or for worse.
For better – happens when you set your heart to seek God for His help in the change you know is coming.
Earthquakes cause tidal waves – weather storms – upheavals and change in dramatic ways.
You need God’s help to flourish in a God Shift.
But know this – on the other side of the storm is rich fulfilment and increased favour in every way.
Perhaps you are feeling a God Shift beneath your feet.
LOCK yourself into God.
LOOK for the signs of His direction
LISTEN to His confirming words
LEARN the way of faith again
LAY LOW until the right time
LOOK OUT for misunderstanding
LOVE no matter what

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