Marion and I are spending a few days on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. We are staying in a unit on the 51st floor of an apartment building and the view is amazing. We have a 180 view from the sea to the mountains looking south from Surfers Paradise and it is absolutely incredible.

The view certainly gives you a different perspective on the place when you see it from above.

A few things I notice about looking at things from above.

1. You can see so much more of life from a higher place.

2. Everything looks smaller and easier to get to.

3. You feel like you could conquer anything from a higher perspective.

The way we look at life determines everything we do in life.

Where you look from changes everything you see. If you look from a lowly and downcast position everything looks huge and hard to overcome. Even avergae challenges appear like giants when you look from a grasshopper perspective.

How you see yourself determines how you will look at other people. If you see yourself as a grasshopper or perhaps a better word is – as a victim in life, you will always see other people in three ways.

a. As the opposition – therefore everyone is out to get you and must be overcome. You end up being a fighter taking everyone on.

b. As bigger than you – therefore you are always having to find ways to outsmart, outperform or outwit the others. You end up being sneaky and cunning trying to outdo everyone else.

c. As having what you want – therefore your happiness in life is in someone else’s hands rather than coming from within you. You end up being an opportunistic grabber – wanting whatever someone else has.

You must practise seeing yourself in the right way if ever you are to live the overcoming – high places – life.

a. See yourself as complete in Christ. Everything you need for a successful & Godly life is found in Jesus Christ. He must be in you as Saviour and then you must be in Him as Lord. Get satisfied serving Jesus and life will start to make a whole lot more sense. Everything you will ever need is in Him – in you.

b. See yourself in heavenly places with Christ. Get a new perspective of life. Jesus came to earth to lift us up into heavenly places with Him. Practise lifting your values and sights in life and reach for the next level and you will soon be looking down at your former level.

c. See yourself helping others to lift their game. When you commit to helping others rise up in life, you will be surprised how motivated you become to keep reaching higher so others can follow you to new heights.

The way you look at life determines how life looks at you. Do others see you as a fighter, or a sneaky operator or maybe as a grabber, if so you will find life a tough gig.

Get onto the Jesus life journey and you will be amazed at how fulfilling life becomes.

Steve Penny.

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2 Responses to “THE VIEW OF LIFE”

  1. Linda Rendell on

    Thanks again Ps Steve,

    This devotion was just what I needed that day.
    Unfortunately, I was looking up from below having lost my way among the seemingly big things, and did not see this till today. Funnily enough the trouble of that day resurfaced this morning, so its all golden apples to me.


    Linda Rendell


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