Think More

Talking to a friend recently who made the comment – If I had more money I would be able to help so many people.
I love the sentiment expressed – but dislike the prevailing attitude.
So many people are waiting until they get more – before they begin being a blessing to others.
The truth is – you have to “think more” continually if you want to live a generous life.
How would you treat your family and friends – if you had more time?
How would you act when it came to paying the bill when out with friends – if you had more money?
How would you respond to those who hurt you – if you had more love?
How would you treat those who are going to hell – if you had more compassion for lost people?
Truth is – we never have enough of anything to live in our world of dreams. We must start by thinking more abundantly – and then act upon such thoughts.
You will find more time! You can pay the bill! You must forgive others! You must include lost people in your world.
You have to start by thinking more – if you want to enjoy the truth – it is more blessed to give to others -than it is to live a self focussed life.
Stop adding to your bucket list – and try pouring some of what you now have out onto others.
Think more – so you can give more and it will come back to you – pressed down, shaken together, and running out all over.

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  1. David Tensen on

    This is great Steve. Love it. It’s true that we must start with the provision we have and give beginning the inside out.


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