My life takes me all over the world and I am on a plane almost every week of the year except for annual holidays.

After a while, you learn some tricks of the trade to make travel a little less arduous:

1. Learn the layout of the various planes and choose the seat you like.

2. Stick with an airline group and build points that bring benefits.

3. Give yourself plenty of time to traverse airports so you are not rushing.

4. Be a member of your airline group lounge and learn to relax pre flight.


Often, I am also asked if I have any favourite essentials when I travel:

1. My man-bag in which I carry every thing I need to do life.

2. My iPhone 6s, which is my connection to the world.

3. My iPad Pro, which is my workstation for everything.

4. My Hillsong London hoodie jacket, which keeps me warm in all zones.

5. My medicine bag with all kinds of cold remedies, etc.

6. My Maui Jim sunglasses so I can look cool.

7. My backpack with a custom made foam cushion to help my rear end on long haul flights.

Travel is part of my calling and I have decided to make the most of travel opportunities to influence others. Can’t help but be thankful!

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