With another election only weeks away in 2016, the dilemma over who to vote for has never been greater.

As Christians we are urged to take the choosing of our national leadership very seriously, and to then pray for the elected parliaments to govern our nation with wisdom and integrity.

In the Bible we read of God’s people being enslaved to two political systems in their Old Testament history:

CAPTIVITY ONE – The Egyptian political system

Egypt fought their wars, enslaved their captives and possessed lands from a materialistic mindset or culture. They represent the right wing of politics: those who fight for the top end of town, for big business and prosperity for the smart and strong.

CAPTIVITY TWO – The Babylonian/Assyrian political system

The Assyrians fought their wars for a totally different reason. They desired to conquer and conform all other cultures to their one true belief system. They represent the left wing of politics, where socialism and the rights of the minorities, no matter how distorted they may be from normality or accepted social norms, become their primary focus.

Over the past decade or so we have witnessed the left of Australian politics trying to move toward the right and be the same as their enemies on the right.

This did not work and threw the Lefties into a tailspin, with bloodletting and leadership changes becoming almost a daily occurrence.

However in more recent times, particularly with the Malcolm Turnbull coup to become Prime Minister, we now have a supposed right wing political party hell bent on becoming a left wing socialist movement.

The disgrace of Turnbull now acquiescing to every squeaky wheel of modern lunacy and radical extremism, means that any upright moral person with convictions regarding faith and family is now forced to look beyond these two major parties.

I am therefore forced to vote for parties that represent the moral convictions that I hold dear for my nation.

FAMILY FIRST cannot win the election and become our preferred political party in government. However, if enough people vote for their local Family First candidate, the party may accrue sufficient votes to have a person, or persons, elected to the Senate.

The Senate is where all issues and legislation must ultimately be approved or rejected.

I do not want a representative from the Greens or other minor cause-driven groups to be the controlling vote in the Senate.

I am praying for the Christian voice to be heard and seen through our vote at this year’s election. May God give us grace and courage to stand for what we know and believe to be the only hope for our great nation.

God Bless Australia.

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