When Birds begin to Sing

Sometime toward the end of August something happens to the birdlife around our home. It seems like the birds decide to wake up and start singing. It doesn’t happen in winter but just as spring is approaching the birds change their behaviour and start announcing the dawn of every new day. I love it as it reminds me that I should be up and ready for a new day. I am usually up well before the birds but if not I love God’s alarm clock helping me to get the most out of the new day he has given to me.
It also awakens something in me as to the change of season. Spring is upon us. Everything changes when spring arrives. I find it the most exciting time of the year. Winter is over and the beauty of new life springing forth can be seen everywhere.
I also use it to change my behaviour by adopting a springing forth attitude. It is a great time to have a go at new ventures and look for new opportunities to grow and expand.
The sound of the birds singing outside our bedroom window is sweet music to me and one that I look forward to every year. Can you hear the music of a new day and new season. Sounds like sweet music to me SJP

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