Who ripped up the greens

Played golf this morning on my home Course – Pelican Waters – on the Sunshine Coast. I forgot that they were renovating the greens, which basically means they are ripped to pieces- which helps them grow back better.
It makes it impossible to putt when the greens are so rough, and so in order to enjoy the game we had to make the following adjustments. Similar to life.

A. Make up your mind to enjoy the game.
The conditions of the road you travel in life should never determine your outlook.
There is always a way to enjoy every rough road in life.
Your attitude will determine how rough the road or season really is.

B. Change the rules.
We adopted a two putt maximum rule.
It helped us actually play better as we now focussed on getting onto the green in as few shots as possible.
Sometmes it is okay to change the rules as it can help you get through really rough patches in life.
Sometimes we try to live by rules that make life impossible. Lighten up and chill if it is getting to rough.

C. Hit the ball harder.
Because the greens are so rough we found that we had to putt the ball a lot harder to get close to the hole.
When life gets rough – sometimes you have to hit the ball a bit harder. Give it a little more effort. Put the foot down on the gas peddle and smooth out the bumps on the road.

D. Don’t play in the comp.
We decided not to play in the competition as it would reflect badly on our handicap.
Don’t let the rough patches in your life set your handicap. You are better than that – so wait until the conditions improve and post a great score.
Too many people value themselves according to their down days. Never do that – always value yourself according to your premium performances.

So you see – life will always deal some rough patches. Make sure you adjust to such seasons to come through as best as you can – so you are ready to excel as the conditions improve again.
Incidently I still posted a great Stableford score of 40 points. Go figure. SJP

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