Finding heroes

Finding true heroes in a world full of media generated icons is often quite a challenge. For me it is even harder in the Christian world. To find true heroes who have walked the journey of faith and left a Godly impression on their generation is often quite daunting.

The following are the hallmarks of a hero in my world.
1. Their character outshines their gift.
Many leaders are incredibly gifted people who have maximized their opportunities despite the cost.
My heroes keep their integrity bank full whatever it costs.
2. Their relationships are more important than their accomplishments.
Keeping friendships alive on the journey is the hallmark of a true leader.
My heroes never forget their friends.
3. They show honour to others rather than expect honour.
My heroes are people who can show honour to anyone – even the waitress in the coffee shop. I am amazed at the way some leaders treat those who serve them.
4. They live generous rather than look for gifts.
My heroes are those people who live the generous life. They model overflow.
5. They preach the truth not just cool life principles.
My heroes love Gods word and live it. They preach the word in balance and with passion.
6. They live for eternity not just a healthy retirement plan.
My heroes make the Kingdom their total focus. I love people who give their all for their cause.
7. They demonstrate true humility and dependence upon God.
My heroes love to pray and seek the face of God.
My heroes are people of the Holy Spirit. My heroes hear from God and reveal His heart.
I have some people in my world who are my heroes- and I thank God for them continually

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