I have noticed that many people suffer from “late onset maturity”. These are people who simply do not commit to be good and to do good.

This malady is produced by three things:



The generation who work hard for their lot in life always overprotect their children from the same hardships they endured. Therefore their children grow up with a sense of entitlement and expect everything to be handed to them on a plate. They are devoid of RESPONSIBILITY.



The rampant sense of individualism in this generation deeply affects our sense of family and community, and shared human responsibilities.

The responsibility to contribute to the betterment of family and society is no longer felt, and the exaltation of the individual has led to increasingly bizarre expressions of attitude, attire and actions.

This individualism has led to tribalism: the forming of small self-focussed tribes intent on displaying their individualism. Tribalism is self-focussed, with no commitment to the greater good of our wider community; it is devoid of COMMUNITY.



Existentialists believe that life is to be experienced and that it needs to be now.

Self gratification and immediacy lead people to embrace life-destroying debt, or life-damaging relationships in order to enjoy the moment of pleasure.

They are devoid of PATIENCE.


Late onset maturity can only be overcome by the getting of wisdom. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of the wisdom journey.

The Bible calls late onset maturity foolishness. The fool does not seek God, does not seek instruction, and does not receive correction.

Embracing the truths of God’s word – and using them to intentionally renew your mind – is the only way a foolish and childish person can grow up and begin to act wisely.

It is a journey of RESPONSIBILITY, COMMUNITY & PATIENCE. This is why fools still abound in the proletariat ranks of humanity.

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