There are essentially three different types of leadership.
Consider the following.

KINGS have servants
FATHERS have sons
BROTHERS have peers

KINGS rule over a Kingdom
FATHERS rule over a family
BROTHERS rule over anything they can find.

KINGS rule with authority
FATHERS rule through relationship
BROTHERS rule through consensus – or conflict

KINGS demand taxes
FATHERS raise support
BROTHERS take whatever they can find.

KINGS conscript the best
FATHERS raise up their best
BROTHERS kill off their best

KINGS – have queens
FATHERS – have wives
BROTHERS – have sisters

KINGS – dictate
FATHERS – delegate
BROTHERS – dominate

KINGS – grow by conscription
FATHERS – grow by multiplication
BROTHERS – grow by domination

KINGS – banish all disloyal subjects.
FATHERS – release all prodigals in love.
BROTHERS – seek to destroy all who disagree.

KINGS – are always looking to hire stars as the attraction
FATHERS – make the family the attraction
BROTHERS – are the star attraction

KINGS – declare their love for their loyal subjects
FATHERS – demonstrate their love for their family
BROTHERS – demand the love of all and sundry.

KINGS – are sons who have made their family their subjects.
FATHERS – are sons who are now producing their own sons.
BROTHERS – are sons who have never matured to produce their own sons.

KINGS – are nobodies who have become somebodies.
FATHERS – are nobodies producing and loving nobodies.
BROTHERS – are nobodies who think they are somebodies.

KINGS – rule from a throne of authority above all others
FATHERS – raise their sons onto their shoulders to be above all others
BROTHERS – walk all over people to be above all others

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