We are connected most strongly through our family relationships.

These must be highest priority. When your family relationships break down, all other relationships are affected.

Your family relationships, in your developing years, shape you for all other relationships in life.



Our social relationships are those beyond our family connections. Social relationships add variety and vastness to our world. Healthy social connections are essential, but must always be linked to your marriage or family connections.

When you build a world of social connections beyond your marriage or family, you court disaster and heartache. Marriages that have two separate social worlds cannot last.



The spiritual connection of two people is the strongest cord that binds. Without a spiritual connection, relationships are built on physical attraction and / or emotional compatibility.

Developing your spiritual connection is the hardest of all and takes genuine commitment and transparency.

Help one another find your spiritual life through faith in God, and you will find strength for all seasons of life.

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